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Skydiving Trends - New And Better Ways To Jump From A Perfectly Good Plane

Ever since the Emperor of China was saved from a burning building when his servants hastily created the first recorded parachute around 1600, man has been enthralled with the concept of safely jumping from very high places. Although there was continuous curiosity and interest, the concept did not really become reliable and consistent until the US military began perfecting the process used to deploy troops.  After that, it was game on. Parachutes were used for entertainment at shows as well as for purely adrenaline rush inducing recreation. 

Skydivers have continuously tinkered with their equipment such as to make it smaller, lighter, and easier to control. This has led to parachutes that can be used in an endless variety of situations. But just like any good recreational activity, it can always be made just a little bit better. So it is with skydiving. Some recent trends in the sport have done a lot to make the sport more exciting and mainstream but most importantly, safer

As the sport continues to grow in popularity, excitement, and safety, more and more people will be finding new and better ways to jump out of a perfectly good airplane.