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3 Reasons To Take A Dinner Train Through The Royal Gorge

If you are looking for something to do in Colorado, taking a dinner train through the Royal Gorge is a great choice. On a dinner train, you are served a meal that you get to enjoy as the train rolls through the natural countryside. Why is this such a great way to entertain yourself in Colorado? Well, there are a few reasons.

1. You get to see a variety of landscapes.

Colorado has really vast, varied terrain, and you get to see a lot of it as you ride through the Royal Gorge. The gorge itself is 10 miles long, and the Arkansas River runs through it. So, you'll get to see rushing water, steep cliffs, and grassy knolls. There are some rocky, barren areas and other areas that are overgrown with forest. Since the train tracks run along the river at the bottom of the canyon, you can look upwards at the cliffs, seeing them from a different perspective.

2. You'll learn the history of the gorge.

Most dinner train rides are set up as tours. In other words, there will be a guide who will talk periodically throughout the experience, telling you a bit about the things you pass. You'll learn so much about the natural history of the gorge and how it was formed by the growing Arkansas River, beginning about 3 million years ago. This will further your understanding of geology, in general.

Most tour guides also talk a bit about the human history of the area. You may learn how Native Americans lived in the area and how they used the gorge for protection from harsh weather. You'll also hear how the Spanish conquistadors came to the area in the 17th century, and how miners settled in the area a century later. 

Riding through the Royal Gorge is a good way to learn about Colorado history, in general!

3. You'll get to enjoy dinner as you ride.

Is there anything better than being surrounded by nature when you eat? It just helps you feel more connected to the food. When you ride on a dinner train, you get to enjoy your food while surrounded by the unique beauty of the Royal Gorge. This also makes planning easier; you don't have to separately schedule your dinner and tour plans!

If you'll be in Colorado, definitely book a ride on a dinner train through the Royal Gorge. It's such a nice way to experience and learn about the area. Contact a company that offers Royal Gorge train rides for more information.